Safesound Studio

Recording, mixing, mastering

About us

Safesound studio is based 50 km northwest of Uppsala and is a professional recording and mixing studio run by Johannes Karlsson.
We have worked with a long list of bands and artists in a wide variety of genres doing everything from full album productions to mixing and mastering. Safesound collaborates with other producers such as Robin Ahnlund and Dino Medanhodzic which brought artists like Prins Svart, Mats Levén and Kill The Kong to the studio for recording purposes.
Safesound is also the place where the Swedish tv4 show, “Mumbo Jumbo” recorded live drums in close collaboration with Robin Ahnlund.


Mix/master and drumrecording

Drums, guitar and bass recorded at Safesound Studio.

Produced and mixed by Dino Medanhodzic